3 Tips for installing solar-powered pipes for water heater

Solar water heater or water heater assisted by solar energy cannot be separated from the pipe component whose function is to drain the water that wants to be heated and emitted to the faucet. Generally, when we want to buy and install a solar water heater, these services will also help in terms of installing this pipe so it is important for you to know how to install the solar water heater pipe. Meanwhile, check out the excellent miracle rooter as well.

Tips for installing solar pipes for water heater

It is better to install solar pipes for water heater together with the time to build a house or building or when you want to install clean water pipes. Here’s how to install the correct pipe:

Determine the location of the hot water faucet and installation of the heating unit

Usually, hot water is needed in homes with places such as bathrooms, sinks, and kitchens. This is where you have to find out the point of the hot water faucet. In addition, also specify where later the solar water heat engine unit will be paired. From there you can find out how many water pipes are needed and the installation path. In order to save money, determine the path and the shortest distance from the hot water machine with the tap.

Determine water heater capacity

This must be adjusted to the number of family members in the house. For example for small families with 2-4 people, then they can install a solar water heater with a tank capacity of 100 liters only, or for larger families, for example, 5-7 people then can choose a capacity of 300 liters, and so on. Solar water heaters themselves are more recommended because they are more cost-effective than electric water heaters.

Choosing solar power heating pipe material

You also need to choose the pipe material you want to use in a solar water heater installation. Hot water temperatures that are too high can damage certain types of material so the selection must be right. The selected pipe is good for being heat resistant, durable, and resistant to high pressure. Examples such as polypropylene pipes with anti-corrosion materials that are resistant to sediment/erosion and various liquid chemicals.

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