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Steps In Conversational Hypnosis

Conversational Hypnosis is a covert conversation that is used to bypass critical factors. With the power of conversational hypnosis, it can be used to conduct campaigns/speeches and also seduce. Making others hypnotized without realizing it. Influence others: To follow our orders, buy the offered goods, to change, etc. The method used in Covert Conversational Hypnosis is to create subliminal messages, which are often known and commonly used are embedded commands. Namely commands that are inserted in a conversation, and also embedded questions or questions that are inserted so that it looks as if they are not visible and sound like they are asking.

It simply means using strong concentration and finesse in the art of drawing your subject’s attention, to you, in such away. So that they are free from external interference. The goal is to absorb the person’s attention so that the person concerned can fully give undivided attention. Furthermore, you can do this, by asking or telling them something that will interest them. Or use a more indirect, and skillful method.

The second step to performing covert hypnosis is to bypass the critical factor. The critical factor is part of your mind. Which tells you; “This can’t be – this can’t happen.” In addition, the main reason hypnosis doesn’t work is that it builds up resistance from a critical factor. In addition, there are various ways and methods of breaking through the critical factor. And it’s different for each case.

Once you have passed the critical factor, the next step is to activate the subconscious response of your subject. If you can successfully receive an unconscious response of any kind, from your subject, you have reached the subject of hypnosis. There are different types of subconscious responses including emotional responses. If you are unsuccessful in attempting an unconscious response, then there is no need to proceed. Because it won’t work.

The last step to do covert hypnosis is the art of directing the subconscious mind to the desired result. If your subject is in a hypnotic state, you can start using hypnotic techniques and methods to direct their subconscious mind to a specific result. Using suggestions to trigger the desired effect.