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Reducing Heat With The Right Paint

High air temperature can cause an increase in room temperature in the house. If the house design is not suitable, the high temperature will make the occupants feel too hot. This design adjustment not only aims to reduce the temperature rise but also functions to reduce the use of air conditioning devices. There are many ways you can do to adjust the design of the house. Here are things you can do to adapt your home design to its natural environment, especially homes in tropical climates. You could hire a Woodstock painting service and paint outside the wall with a color that does not absorb heat from the sun related site.

Dark colors will absorb heat and will be transmitted to the walls in the building (interior). As a result, the room temperature will be hot. Therefore, use colors that reflect sunlight, such as white or bright colors. Make a garden planted with shady trees. These trees can withstand direct sunlight and hold dust particles. Besides, shady trees also help the process of absorbing carbon dioxide compounds so that the environment around the house will feel cooler during the day.

Use a window covering material that can reduce the strength of the sun. You could use blinds or using window film if you want it to be more practical. Or you can also use a canopy to protect the angle from which the sun is coming so that the rays can be blocked by the canopy. Pay attention to the placement of the front of the house (facade) which is adjusted to the direction of the sunlight. It is better if the house does not look directly towards the rising sun. At least the visible direction of the house is 45 degrees -90 degrees from the direction of the sun when it rises. The incoming light aims to neutralize the remaining bacteria from the previous night’s activity. Thus, if the house design has been adapted to environmental conditions, at least the house will be comfortable to live in.