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Function, Position, and Structure of Drama/Theater Scripts

The theatrical script is one of the results of literary works. Manuscripts are important in the performance of drama/theatre, especially modern theater. The script serves as a source of stories to be staged. Before being staged, the script must be interpreted by all elements supporting the performance. The short funny scripts for student interpretation process is led by the director. In studying the script, several things that must be considered include:

The basic tone of the script (whether the story in the script is a sad or happy story)
Performance time duration
The length of time for rehearsal or preparation for a performance
The group’s ability to perform the script
Script difficulty level
Script cultivation technique
Reason for choosing script
Costs required to perform the script.

The script is an important thing during the process of rehearsal and staging drama/theatre. Therefore, a thorough understanding of the text is necessary. The manuscript is also closely related to the proponents of the performance as illustrated below.

Script relationship with producer
Producers can give the director a choice of scripts. Next, the producer makes an estimate of the funding needs according to the script chosen by the director. Based on these estimates, producers are trying to raise funds from various sources, one of which is admission tickets.

Script relationship with director
The director is a theater element who must understand the script very well because he is in charge of interpreting the contents of the script. A creative director is able to turn the story in the script into a living story on stage. Through the work of the director, the author’s intentions can be conveyed to the audience.

The script’s relationship with the cast
Players are tasked with understanding the story characters in the script. Directed by the director, players try to make the characters in the script become real characters on stage.

Script relationship with stage relatives
Stage relatives (performer, lighting stylist, property stylist, music stylist, fashion stylist, and makeup artist) carry out their respective duties based on the script. The stage relatives fulfill the demands requested in the script with the direction of the director.